Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY photos

Some photos of recent work on the house, before and after style.

First, the original fireplace, shortly after we moved in.

Room shell gutted.

Above, new fireplace.
Below, photos of some boxing in I did in what will be Holly's Library.

Photos of the original room door, stripped and repaired- if a job's worth doing it's worth doing Baroque :)

Leela sheltering in the woodshed.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Digital Art Equipment

Tablets are great and Cintiques are very handy, but there are downsides to both.
If you learn to draw on a tablet, then switch to a more cumbersome and expensive Cintique, you'll find it hard to switch back.
You'll be stuck with the Cintique. You can swap from one to the other of course but, for a digital artist, this can take weeks of adjustment.
Weeks that, if your creative work is your source of income, you just won't have.

If you're not used to drawing with a tablet and you'd rather not spend weeks getting used to it, then getting a Cintique makes sense as you can just draw on the screen and get comfortable using it very quickly.
Of course, your drawing hand can get in the way sometimes, obscuring what you're drawing, just like in life.
Not a problem with a tablet.
With a tablet you are less cramped in the way you work, though carpal tunnel syndrome can occur with long term use of either instrument.
My advice (having tried both) is to get a tablet, or if you do really have to get a Cintique, get the anglepoise bracket to go with it and change your drawing position regularly to avoid health issues.

Whether you’re considering freelancing, hotdesking or just feel like setting up shop in a pub or cafĂ© for a while, here’s some recent developments that may be of interest.
They’re not all available today but they’re a lot closer to release than hoverboards (which will only become available in 2015).

The Sensu Brush
The Blue Tiger Project
The iPen
The Inkling

This just in (I mean I should have added it when I wrote this post in the first place!).
The Leap, from leapmotion.com:
The Leap

Also of interest- Muji (the Japanese goods chain) do a few interesting pens now.
1. Pen and biro in one (twist to switch between the two).
2. Erasable blue drawing pen (0.5 nib).
3. A 0.38 drawing gel pen for just £1.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Comicon 2012

Comicon 2012
Never been to one of these before. It's a real education. So much visual information everywhere you could easily spend the whole day and not see it all.

Some people indulge in what's known as Cosplay, though I think the above might more properly be called Fancy Dress.
Definitely one of the best costumes there.

Steampunk dude, made all his own gear. Some of the tiny machinery thingys were beautifully crafted.

Holly and a Dalek.

Got talking to these guys for a while.
Gradually it dawned on me that they're actually kind of famous.
Weird feeling.

Matt Dixons prices.
Quite reasonable so he must be getting a good deal on production off someone.

A Michael Keaton sized Batman.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Personal Projects

I'm adding a few images of my various personal projects to my professional blogfolio. I may reconsider this so check it out now before I change my mind if you're interested.
Subjects include ceramics, photography, cakes, poetry, lighting and sculpture.
My blogfolio