Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Finding My Voice

After almost 4 days of losing my voice I have now recovered. So what am I up to now?
Well after the long gap between posts I can reveal that I have finished painting the pub sign for the Cob & Pen, the pub next door, so now I'm just left with the arduous task of framing it. I'll post a photo when it's ready.

I'm starting to work on some greetings card designs to land me a PAYE job at a local card firm.

I'm learning to drive (at last!)- thanks to generous contributions from family for my recent birthday.

I've finished a Flash web-game for an Australian client, you can play it here.
They've already got more than they paid for but I plan to improve the game still further as it might end up in my Flash folio.

I shall be producing a 3D model of Sudeley castle next week for the big publicity push they're having after Liz Hurley's wedding.

Finally, I'm taking steps to learn PHP, MySQL and Flash Actionscripting 2.0, as and when I get time.

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